Sustainable rice

from Thai farmer

by Royal Umbrella Rice

Discover Authentic

Thai Hom Mali Rice

It is for promoting quality of life and

sustainability of the one and only

community and its farmers who grow

Hom Mali Rice. These farmers practice

Sustainable Agriculture, Smart Farmer,

and Environmental friendly and

Sustainable Supply Chain Management


The project on Promotion of Hom Mali Rice Production is not only participated by the farmers' network in Si Sa Ket and Yasothon provinces, the farmers' network is also extended to Surin, Buriram, Roi Et and

Phayao provinces. The project aims to

promote Agriculture Practice under GAP PLUS (Good Agriculture Practice Plus). The system

is certified by the Rice Department, the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative.

It has also been recognized for Quality Control, Food Safety, and Greenhouse gas emission reduction.

Royal Umbrella Rice is confident that

every single grain of our rice in this bag,

can be traced back for safety issues and

the production of the farmers registered

with the Program. These farmers have a

happy life with their families, and they

continue to grow sustainably. All this

helps the consumers to trust in choosing

Royal Umbrella Rice for taste, cleanness,

safety and being environmentally friendly.

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Phayao province

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